Bruce Drennan's Tribe Analysis...

Watch This.

That was Bruce Drennan absolutely destroying the Indians lineup. And I loved it.

Frankly, the man was dead on...

If your name is not Austin Kearns or Shin-Soo Choo, you stink.

Travis Hafner, .233
Grady Sizemore, .223
Jhonny Peralta, .208
Matt LaPorta, .203
Luis Valbuena, .167

Those are all everyday players and those are their real batting averages.

This is ridiculous. These are major league ballplayers. They are all making hundreds of thousands of dollars to play baseball everyday. This is absolutely unacceptable.

We can't win with that. In fact, it's a miracle that we're winning at all. The only saving grace for this team is our pitching staff. The starting staff is fantastic (considering) and the bullpen has been bad, but not miserable.

I've got some other stats for you:

Wes Hodges, .336
Jason Donald, .305
Carlos Santana, .314
Chris Gimenez, .338

All ballplayers at AAA Columbus, the minor league affiliate for the Cleveland Indians. Bring 'em up--that's what I say. Jhonny Peralta, Luis Valbuena, Matt LaPorta have done nothing to merit staying with the club right now. Peralta, for one, should just be cut. His defense is terrible and we can no longer justify his offense as a reason to keep him around.

The Indians might not get .300+ averages out of all these minor-league players if they bring them up today, but it certainly cannot hurt this team. At this point, starting me at third base couldn't hurt--not any worse than Peralta that is.

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